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Universal Preschool Program for 4 Year Old Students

Two smiling early childhood students with markers

UPK Colorado is a state-funded universal preschool program that provides at least 15 hours of voluntary, free preschool programming to children turning 4 years old on or before October 1st, in the state of Colorado. UPK Colorado is also known as Universal Pre-K, universal pre-kindergarten, and universal preschool. 

3 year old’s on or before October 1st with certain risk factors may be eligible for funding. These risk factors include:

·         Their family income is below the federal poverty line

·         They have an active Individual Education Program (IEP)

·         They have limited English proficiency

·         They are in foster care or kinship care

·         They are experiencing homelessness

Please note, while it is our wish to provide early childhood education to ALL interested parties, our program has limited staff and classroom seats. Thompson School District is one of many Colorado providers participating in the Universal Preschool Program. If your child is denied placement with our program, you may still be eligible to utilize this program with another of the many participating providers in our community.

For information about the application and registration process, review the Universal Preschool Registration page.

Frequently Asked Questions