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Child Find Special Education

  • The purpose of the Child Find program is to locate and identify preschool-aged children who live within the District boundaries and demonstrate significant delay in one or more of the following areas:
    • Academic/Intellectual (early learning/concepts, thinking, problem solving, preschool access skills)
    • Communication (articulation, language, fluency and voice)
    • Motor (fine gross sensory)
    • Social/Emotional/Behavioral
    • Self-help
    • Hearing and vision 
  • Children can be referred to Child Find by a parent, doctor or other agency. The process may begin with a developmental screening and when appropriate, a comprehensive multi-disciplinary evaluation may be conducted to determine eligibility for preschool special education services. 
  • Child Find is available to families at no cost. 
  • Call Trish Hoffman, Child Find Coordinator, at 970-613-5762 with any questions.